So, what about all those admin tasks you DREAD? Email management & autoresponders, social media management, calendar management, database building, hotel and flight booking, reporting, website management, online promotions, research etc … GAH, it’s all such a time suck! Dump them on us, and we’ll handle them with kid gloves. Really – we have a germaphobe in house and she wears gloves all day. She’s AMAZING with admin tasks!


CREATIVE PAUSE STUDIO is made up of individuals with decades of experience in marketing & design services. Our employees are constantly being educated on the newest techniques and trends in the admin, marketing and social media industry. We know what works and WHEN to use each technique and app. We specialize in the social media industry. Seriously, we can make your Facebook page SING! Okay, well maybe not exactly, but we’ll definitely get your fans’ attention!


We work with over 50 current New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authors providing them with professional formatting services. We also offer Amazon KDP, Smashwords, Draft 2 Digital, Barnes & Noble and Kobo Account Management as well as Digital Content Management. We’ve got Createspace and Lightening Source covered too!


We have some of the best graphic designers in the industry on staff who in turn work with both large & small businesses. We have our fingers on the pulse of the industry to make sure your social media graphics, website and swag are the most effective for YOUR business goals. Let us provide you with a kick-ass custom website to increase your customer base and keep them informed. Social media banners, swag, standalone banners or trade show booths – you name it, we design it. And better than the other guys, because we even have it delivered to your doorstep! Our goal is to keep growing your business. Your goal is to focus on new products or revenue streams.

Please let us know if you have any questions