• You’ve spent good money on editors and formatters, but still you aren’t seeing the results you want.
    • Your click through rate from backmatter is very low.
    • You’ve had readers point out formatting mistakes or out of date back matter.
    • Something about your cover art bothers you, but you can’t identify it.
    • Working with your cover artist is like speaking a strange language.


It might be that your formatting or cover art needs a make over. We can help with our Professional Formatting and Cover Art Evaluation Services. Let us take care of things so you can spend your valuable time writing your next bestseller.



We offer Professional Formatting Services for both print on demand and ebooks to fit your brand. How your book is laid out really matters and impacts whether a reader continues with your book or moves on to the next. Done correctly, formatting lays the background to your novel. Incorrectly, it interrupts the flow of the story you’re trying to tell. At CREATIVE PAUSE, we have the experience to create a layout readers will take notice of. There are several tiers to our service, to please visit our FORMATTING SERVICES page for more details and to place an order.

We also offer a unique service to both traditional and self-published authors. For as little as TEN dollars, we will evaluate your cover art. This is editing for your cover art. We’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t based on your genre, targeted age group etc. There are several tiers to our service, so please visit our COVER ART SERVICES page for more details and to place an order.



    • CREATIVE PAUSE STUDIO consists of graphic and web designers with over 20 years combined experience in desktop publishing, design and marketing services.
    • We work with over 50 current New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authors on both formatting and evaluation services.
    • We work with some of the best cover artists in the industry who in turn work with all the major publishing houses. We have our fingers on the pulse of the industry to make sure your formatting and cover art is always current and noteworthy.
    • Our goal is to help authors think in terms of being their own business. Your goal is to write novels. Let us take the busy work off your shoulders so you can achieve that goal. We will provide you with the appropriate tools you need to make it a success.